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Retired Work: PARCA Software Defined Antenna™ packs more antenna capability into less footprint.
Syntonics’ Pixel-Addressable Reconfigurable Conformal Antenna (PARCA) Software-Defined Antenna™ is a conformal, reconfigurable, electronically pointed phased array antenna technology that can support SATCOM, EW, SIGINT and COMINT applications up to 44 GHz.



parcaPARCA uses pixel-by-pixel physical reconfiguration of microstrip feed-lines and radiating structures to provide antenna capabilities such as beam steering, beam shaping, operation at multiple frequencies and polarizations, and connections for multiple radios using a single reconfigurable antenna structure. Reconfiguration occurs rapidly (approximately one millisecond) and high RF power levels can be handled.


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Antenna elements and transmission lines are configured, reconfigured, tuned, and steered as needed under microprocessor control. Thus, a PARCA aperture can be shared between applications with different antenna requirements.

A PARCA antenna is composed of adjacent PARCA tiles and multiple tiles create an piece-wise conformal aperture of any size. PARCA tiles are fabricated using conventional MEMS and semiconductor techniques. Each tile has two layers of electronic circuitry and one layer with ~10,000 MEMS pixels and actuators.



  • 7,561,109—Reconfigurable Antenna Using Addressable Pixel Pistons
  • 8,009,115—Reconfigurable Antenna Using Addressable Conductive Particles




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