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FSS Antenna Systems
Syntonics’ patented frequency selective surface (FSS) antenna system packs more communications capability into less footprint for satcom-on-the-move, transportable, and shipboard satellite terminals. In one configuration, existing X, Ku, or Ka-band satellite dishes are fitted with lower frequency FSS antenna appliqué to add a second operating band to the system, increasing its productivity. In another configuration, multiple independent, lightweight FSS antennas are packaged within a single radome.


Feature   Advantages   Communications Benefits

One radome houses multiple antennas


Increased communications capability in same footprint

  • Add satcom band with minimal impact to shipboard platform
  • Increase utilization of existing antenna pedestals

Antenna panels are structural foam


Strong, lightweight, non-corrosive, cost-effective

  • Upgrade existing dish antennas
  • Reduce topside weight
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Antenna panels can be independent


Ability to simultaneously track different satellites

  Operate simultaneously with geosynchronous & polar satellites
  FSS antenna appliqués on existing satcom dish antennas
  • An FSS "antenna appliqué" can be installed over the face of existing parabolic dish antennas
  • Adds a lower frequency band to existing antenna systems using the same pedestal
  • Increases productivity of shipboard antenna pedestals by increasing their utilization rate
    Multiple independent satcom antennas in the same radome
  • Can package 2-3 independently pointed FSS antennas within same radome, one per antenna frequency band
  • Consolidates multiple frequency bands into one radome using new design pedestal

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