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Modular FORAX-RM systems link radios to their antenna at distances up to 10 km; 75+ km by special order.
Modules exist for almost any communications or data radio in military or industrial use today, plus GPS and specialty receivers used in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) applications. Links with high Spur Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) are available for SIGINT applications.

FORAX-RM (rack-mount) modular systems let users mix-and-match any number and type of FORAX™ RF-over-Fiber links, providing the ability to move the antennas up to 10-km away from the radio location. 

A FORAX-RM link consists of a radio interface module (RIM) and an Antenna Interface module (AIM). At the radio site, RIMs are mounted in a 19-inch rack-mount chassis and connected by short coaxial cables to each radio’s antenna port. At the antenna site, AIMs are mounted in a 19-inch rack-mount chassis and connected to each antenna with coaxial cables. Each chassis is equipped with redundant hot-swappable AC power supplies. Optionally, an AIU can be housed in a weather-tight, lightning-hardened, pole-mount enclosure or a system can be provided in transit cases equipped for outdoor operation.


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Common FORAX-RM Links

HF   (1.6-30 MHz)

Harris AN/PRC-150 applications with PRC-150 control interface; interfaces with Harris power amplifiers only

HF   (1.6-30 MHz) Radios with RS-232 control interface to power amplifier

(30-512 MHz + 240-320 MHz)

Two antenna ports:
- VULOS—with 7-band filter, 10W TX
- UHF MILSATCOM—with diplexer, 20W TX

Low VHF / SINCGARS (30-88 MHz) 10W TX
VHF (116-150 MHz) 10W TX
VHF (150-174 MHz) 10W TX
VHF Maritime (156-174 MHz) 25W TX
UHF / ANW2 / SRW (225-450 MHz) 10W TX
EPLRS (420-450 MHz) 20W TX
UHF MILSATCOM (240-320 MHz) With diplexer, 20W TX
UHF MILSATCOM (240-320 MHz) Without diplexer, 2W TX
GPS  (L1 + L2) RX only; voltage supply for most active antennas
Broadband (30-1000 MHz) RX only
Broadband (3-18 GHz) RX only; high SFDR option available

Typical FORAX-RM
Radio Interface Unit (RIU)
Typical FORAX-RM
Antenna Interface Unit (AIU)
RIU rm-aiu