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FORAX-HARC systems link tactical communication radios to their antennas high overhead on a tethered drone or aerostat.
FORAX-HARC communication systems put your antennas high overhead on a tethered drone or aerostat, implementing the aerial layer while the radios remain securely and conveniently on the ground. Aerostat-mounted and drone-mounted FORAX-HARC systems enhance the aerial layer because they:

  • Increase data rates by avoiding an extra network hop
  • Overcome line-of-sight obstacles
  • Extend the range of radio communications
  • Cover "the last tactical mile"

Waveforms currently supported include P2S, Tetra, ANW2, SRW, cellular systems including UMTS 3G/4G, SINCGARS, and EPLRS.

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  • Physically secure, jam-proof UHF connectivity
  • Physically secure, jam-proof Ethernet connectivity
  • Essentially unlimited bandwidth with optional additional wavelengths
  • Low size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C)

Optimized for tethered aerial platforms where size and weight are critical, HARC-Tactical connects all communications from the platform to the ground over one single-mode optical fiber in the tether.

HARC-Tactical transports the payload’s data, UHF radio communications, and the platform’s command-and- control signals over an optical link. The link is physically secure, immune to interference, and essentially unlimited in bandwidth. Unsecure, interference-prone, bandwidth-limited, wireless links to your aerial platform are now a thing of the past.

Your aerial payloads can now deliver torrents of data to the ground.

Your aerial platform now has secure command-and-control.

And your high antenna for radio communications (HARC) connects UHF radio networks out to the visible horizon, while your radio stays safely and securely on the ground.

Enable your aerial platform to operate securely while networking out to the horizon.

» Download FORAX-HARC Tactical Data Sheet

HARC-Tethered Drone

HARC-TD-50 provides dramatically improved network and comms range extension for tactical communicators. A lightweight expeditionary system, HARC-TD-50 flies an antenna for your UHF radio as high as 50 meters (164 feet) above ground level (AGL) at density altitudes up to 3600 meters (12,000 feet). The HARC-TD-50 drone is small, minimizing visual profile when flying, quiet, and safe to handle. The airborne drone is electrically powered via its tether and can fly indefinitely, for hours or days. With HARC-TD-50, your radio stays securely and conveniently on the ground while the antenna is high overhead.

With HARC-TDs antenna at 50 meters AGL, comms range increases to 25km (15 miles) over flat ground.

HARC-TD is optimized for network/data/voice comms with military and civilian radios, both handheld and manpack. HARC-TD currently supports UHF waveforms including SRW, ANW2, P25, TETRA, EPLRS, and FM voice

» Download FORAX-HARC-TD Data Sheet


It’s an emergency and you are in the field. Even when you bring along a 100-ft transportable antenna tower, your always want more range for your radios. And now there is a solution for extending that distance: fly an antenna high overhead using HARC-Mini.

HARC-Mini answers the need for a field expedient solution to lofting a radio antenna as high as 500 ft (150 m). With configurations weighing as little as 2.8 lb. (1.25 kg) plus antenna, just add a small balloon — or even a lifting kite — and you are communicating. Communications have good margin out to 25 miles (40 km) from 500 feet over level ground.

Lightweight, modular HARC-Mini antennas are easily changed in the field. The specific antenna you need is snapped on in seconds. Antennas are already available for several frequency bands in the 30-512 MHz range, and antennas up to 2 GHz are imminent.

HARC-Mini is optimized for Half-Duplex (Push-To-Talk) radios operating with any land mobile radio including P25, TETRA, heritage trunking systems, VHF voice, UHF voice, and AM. Various battery sizes and external power options are available, making HARC-Mini universally configurable.


HARC-4S2U (similar to HARC-4S)

4-SINCGARS radios, 2-UHF radios
NSN: 5895-01-631-3611




2-SINCGARS radios (retrans pair),
1-UHF radio
NSN: 5895-01-631-3220


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