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bsi ISO 9001



FORAX-DAS equipment connects base stations or repeaters used in wireless intercom, public safety, and land mobile radio (LMR) systems to antennas in distant RF “dead zones”
line FORAX-DAS  (Distributed Antenna System) connects VHF/UHF base stations or repeaters used in public safety or industrial radio systems to distant RF “dead zones,” such as building basements, secure facilities, or tunnels, using fiber optic cables to transport the RF signals. Both conventional and trunked radios systems are supported.

FORAX-DAS offers a secure connection that takes advantage of your facility’s existing single mode optical fiber infrastructure. FORAX-DAS eliminates roof penetrations and awkward, lossy coaxial cable runs to outdoor antennas. Coverage in RF dead zones is possible up to 10-km from the base station (longer by special order). Transmit power levels are tailored for your specific installation and band filtering is tailored to your channel assignments.



Typical Quad Radio Interface Modules (QRIM) and Combiner/Splitter Module

Typical Optical Interface Modules (OIM) and Combiner/Splitter Modules


Typical rack-mount Antenna Interface Module (AIM); surface-mount NEMA enclosures also available

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