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FORAX High Antennas for Radio Communications (HARC) Systems featured at JTRS Science and Technology Forum (JSTeF)
COLUMBIA, MD. March 4, 2011 . . . Syntonics LLC will participate in the annual JTRS Science and Technology Forum (JSTeF), March 15-17, on the campus of the University of California, San Diego, in La Jolla, California; co-sponsored by the Joint Program Executive Office for the Joint Tactical Radio System (JPEO JTRS) ( and others. Media representatives are invited to attend 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM, March 16th , in the Calit2 Auditorium of Atkinson hall. For additional conference information, please refer to the conference website at or contact Bruce G. Montgomery, cell: 410-913-2907, email:

Syntonics will feature its FORAX-HARC (High Antennas for Radio Communications) technology. FORAX-HARC is based on Syntonics’ proven FORAX (Fiber Optic Remote Antenna eXtension) RF-over-fiber product line. A lightweight HARC payload enables any tethered aerostat to become a tall antenna tower, increasing line of site and coverage of radio communications. Keeping the radios on the ground in the CP reduces aerostat payload weight, keeps the radios secure, and eliminates operational difficulties in controlling the radios. The radios’ RF signals are transmitted and received over a single optical fiber in the aerostat’s tether.

Syntonics’ FORAX product line, deployed since 2004 by U.S. DoD, FBI and FEMA as well as foreign militaries, moves antennas away from command posts; eliminates the electronic and visual signature of nearby antennas; increases the security of people and equipment in the CP; and enables radios and crypto equipment to be operated from inside SCIFs. Syntonics is working on FORAX links for WNW, SRW, ANW2 and 3GPP to add to its already-fielded HF, SINCGARS, EPLRS, VHF/UHF, GPS, and UHF MILSATCOM (“TACSAT”) modules. To date, FORAX is fielded in over 45 installations in the US and abroad.

Syntonics is a defense electronics company that produces FORAX RF-over-fiber communication systems for military radios and innovative antennas for military applications.

For more information, contact:
Jeff Nickel, Business Development Manager
1.410.884.0500 x235