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Syntonics Awarded $1.8 Million Lockheed Martin Contract to Build FORAX High Antennas for Radio Communications (HARC) Systems for the U.S. Defense Department

COLUMBIA, MD. December 22, 2008 . . . Syntonics LLC, based in Columbia, Md., announces the award of a $1.8 Million contract from Lockheed Martin to develop and integrate its FORAX RF-over-fiber product into an aerostat antenna extension payload for the U.S. Army’s Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS).

In this contract, Syntonics is delivering two (2) six-radio aerostat-mounted HARC systems and two ship-sets of spare modules. The HARC system places a lightweight communications payload with SINCGARS and EPLRS antennas high aloft on a tethered aerostat, while the six radios remain on the ground in the command post (CP). The airborne antenna allows communications over LOS obstacles in mountainous terrain, and tall buildings in urban settings, while keeping the radios in the CP thereby eliminating operational difficulties in controlling the radios and potential for loss of communications. The radios’ RF signals are transmitted and received over a single optical fiber in the aerostat’s tether.

The U.S. Army successfully tested a single radio HARC prototype last year at the Yuma Proving Grounds. This contract will fulfill a U.S. Army requirement for a deployable communications capability to extend the range of SINCGARS and EPLRS radios and overcome line-of-sight (LOS) obstructions in the mountains of Afghanistan and the urban environment of Iraq.

The FORAX product line, deployed since 2004 by U.S. and foreign militaries, moves antennas away from command posts; eliminates the electronic and visual signature of nearby antennas; increases the security of people and equipment in the CP and enables radios and crypto equipment to be operated from inside SCIFs. This new application for airborne antennas adds another valuable communications tool for the warfighter. Syntonics recently added HF and GPS capability to its already-fielded SINCGARS, VHF/UHF, and UHF TACSAT modules. Under this contract they will add an EPLRS module. To date, Syntonics has fielded over 150 FORAX links here and abroad.

Syntonics is a defense electronics company that produces FORAX RF-over-fiber communication systems for military radios and innovative antennas for military applications. For more information on Syntonics and its products, please see the company's website at