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HF and GPS Links Now Available for FORAX RF-over-Fiber Communications Systems

picCOLUMBIA, MD. October 16, 2006 … Syntonics LLC orders for its FORAX line of RF-over-fiber communications systems exceeded third quarter expectations, propelling the product worldwide. This equipment will all be used in Government command centers at home and abroad. Syntonics’ ISO 9001 registration helped speed the acquisition process. FORAX (Fiber Optic Remote Amplifier Extension) provides a new communications building block for fixed site and transportable military radio systems by connecting military radios to their antennas as far as 10 km away using one lightweight, secure, rugged fiber optic cable.

Lockheed Martin’s purchase of three FORAX-SC2 systems adds to the number of FORAX links already installed in the Pentagon. This purchase will be used to remote AN/PRC-117F and AN/PSC-5D TACSAT radios away from their antennas. The Air Force is acquiring two FORAX-SC2 systems that will be used to connect one UHF AN/PSC-5D radio and one VHF AN/PSC-5D at Moody Air Force Base. Air Force use of FORAX will spread to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base with the purchase of a FORAX-RM system. This equipment will be used to remote seven AN/PSC-5D and AN/PSC-5D radios from their antennas. All this equipment has been delivered or is being delivered this month.

Brown International Corporation of Huntsville Alabama purchased a FORAX-RM system, a multi-radio rack mounted version. The system will be used in a critical military homeland defense advanced technology C2 facility. It will remote two VHF AN/PSC-5D radios, one UHF AN/PSC-5D radio, two TACSAT AN/PSC-5D radios and two SINCGARS AN/VRC-91 radios. Brown International needed an expedited response due to real-world Homeland security requirements. Their urgent system delivery is being expedited through use of Syntonics’ ISO-9001:2000 registered Quality Management System. Delivery will be in November. All of the above equipment will be used to support C2 facilities in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

Syntonics will have its first opportunity to support the a US Air Force in Europe with the delivery of a 1-link, 20W TACSAT FORAX-RM system for use at Ramstein Air Force Base near Frankfurt in Germany. Syntonics will deliver this equipment this month. This equipment will be used in a major C2 facility.

Syntonics is a specialty defense electronics company that produces the FORAX RF-over-fiber communication systems for military radios and develops innovative antennas for specialty military applications. For more information on Syntonics and its products, please see the company's website at