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Syntonics HARC Systems Participate in Army Network Integration Evaluation 12.1

COLUMBIA, MD. September 18, 2011 . . . Syntonics LLC, a leading provider of advanced technology RF-over-Fiber products, reports that multiple High Antennas for Radio Communications (HARC) systems, developed for the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Wideband Network Waveform (WNW), are participating in a major Army field exercise, Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) 12.1.

NIE 12.1 is the second semi-annual field exercise designed to integrate and mature the Army’s tactical network. Held at Fort Bliss and White Sands Missile Range, the exercise spans October-November 2011 and includes two HARC-WNW systems as part of the “Aerial Layer” range extension. A test bed aerostat will be used to fly the antennas and HARC electronics for two different WNW networks. The WNW radios stay on the ground connected to HARC interface electronics. A single optical fiber in the aerostat’s tether connects each radio on the ground to its L-band antenna high overhead.

“HARC is a lightweight system that keeps command post radios secure and convenient on the ground, while locating their antennas on aerostats or tall towers that are already in place,” says Bob Rainey, Senior Director of Advanced Programs at Syntonics. “HARC solves several problems that occur if you create an ‘Aerial Layer’ radio network by actually flying the radios. Flying relay radios adds a network hop that reduces data throughput, most military radios present physical security problems, military radios and their accessories are relatively heavy, and operating radios remotely can be problematic.”

Syntonics provides advanced RF-over-Fiber systems and innovative RF technologies for military, civil, and industrial markets. FORAX™ (“Fiber Optic Remote Antenna eXtension”) RF-over-Fiber radio communications systems are deployed around the world in 24x7 mission critical operations. HARC RF-over-Fiber radio relay systems for aerostats and tower tops are operating today in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our Handheld Tactical Antennas provide lightweight, rugged, high-gain performance in the field and the body-worn SINCGARS antennas have improve soldier safety. 

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