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Syntonics Awarded Contract to Expand Handheld Antenna Line with Addition of TACSAT Antenna

COLUMBIA, MD. July 20, 2006 … Syntonics LLC has been directed to add a tactical satellite (TACSAT) communications antenna to its existing line of UHF/VHF handheld tactical antennas (HTA) by an amendment to an existing Small Business Innovative Research contract. The new handheld, stuff-sack TACSAT antenna will provide up to +8 dBic and have a distinct weight and packaging advantage over comparable antennas.

Syntonics’ handheld TACSAT antenna is the latest addition to a suite of handheld tactical “pocket” antennas developed for a Special Operations customer to supplement the existing broadband “rubber duckie” whip antennas used with handheld radios like the Thales AN/PRC-148 Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio (MBITR). Existing whip antennas are inadequate for certain missions.

This TACSAT HTA completes the customer’s need for a suite — UHF, UHF/VHF, VHF, and TACSAT — of lightweight tactical antennas to allow them to select the specific antenna needed for the mission. These antennas are packed in a stuff sack and preferably fit in the pocket or in a knee pouch. Syntonics has developed a suite of tactical antennas with these features:

  • Good gain — 4X range compared to broadband “rubber duckie” whip antennas
  • Easy and silent to deploy and pack
  • Low weight
  • Low visibility
  • Extremely rugged.

Syntonics designs, develops, and manufactures specialty military RF communications equipment and accessories, notably RF-over-fiber products and innovative antennas. For more information on Syntonics and its products, please see the company's website at