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Syntonics Expands Its Technologies: Awarded Two DOD SBIR Contracts

COLUMBIA, MD. June 10, 2002 . . . Syntonics LLC, based in Columbia, Md., announced today it has recently been awarded two significant technology development contracts. The first is for an advanced clock prototype for the U.S. Navy, to provide precision holdover timekeeping during GPS signal outages. The second contract is for the preliminary development of a portable antenna system for the Special Operations Command.

"Extending our time and frequency expertise into new customer applications leverages our existing capabilities," said Bruce Montgomery, president, Syntonics. "Our focus on custom and semi-custom technology projects makes us a natural to perform challenging development work. We also welcome the opportunity to address important military problems."

The advanced clock contract is an extension of work begun in 2001 under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Under its new Phase II contract, Syntonics will develop a prototype precision time and frequency source for use onboard ships and aircraft. The prototype will be completed by September 2003, so that Phase III production can begin in GFY 2004. Syntonics' Precision Intermediate Computer-controlled Oscillator (PICO) clock is based on a quartz oscillator concept that provides highly accurate clock outputs even if precise timing signals from the Global Position System (GPS) are interrupted. This "holdover timekeeping" capability is important to the military and also has commercial telecommunications applications.

The second contract is a Phase I SBIR contract for the preliminary development of a hand-portable, electronically steered "Tactical Antenna Switching and Positioning System." Intended for shipboard or land-based use, this project addresses a particular UHF satellite communications requirement of the Special Operations Command.

Syntonics, the space oscillator specialist, is a privately held company developing high performance time and frequency electronics, including space-qualified precision oscillators. The company holds the exclusive license to sell oscillators based on ultrastable designs licensed from The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

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