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Syntonics Exhibits at U.S. Army Tactical Networks Modernization Conference (ATNMC)

FORAX-SC2 System:
FORAX-RM rack-mount system:

HTA-420Y2 UHF handheld tactical antenna:
HTA-BBV VHF/UHF handheld tactical antenna:

AUGUSTA, GA. June 6, 2006 . . . Syntonics LLC, based in Columbia, Md., is exhibiting at the Army Tactical Networks Modernization Conference (ATNMC) in Augusta, Ga., near Fort Gordon. The Company is highlighting its FORAX RF-over-fiber communications product line and its new line of handheld tactical antennas for handheld military radios.

Syntonics’ FORAX (Fiber Optic Remote Antenna eXtension) RF-over-fiber system connects tactical radios to remote antennas at distances up to 10 km. Instead of using heavy, short, power-consuming coaxial cables, one coax cable per radio, FORAX uses a single long, lightweight, and secure fiber optic cable to connect all the radios. Initially developed for the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), FORAX applications include Fixed and mobile command posts; air traffic control; and test and training ranges. FORAX systems are installed in the Pentagon and are being used by U.S. and foreign Special Forces.

Syntonics’ Handheld Tactical Antennas (HTAs) are being developed for USSOCOM for use with handheld military radios including JTRS, MBITR and MBMMR. These high-performance HTAs provide good gain, are compact and pocket-portable, can be silently deployed, and have a minimal visual profile when deployed. Various narrowband and broadband models are available for VHF/UHF line-of-sight and UHF tactical satellite (TACSAT) communications.

Hosted by the US Army Signal Center and the Communications Electronics Life-Cycle Management Command Software Engineering Center, the ATNMC assembles tactical signalers and automation personnel with combat developers and acquisition staff to discuss critical issues that impact Signal Regiment field operations in the near-term. Army tactical network professionals attend the conference to discuss the needs of the tactical signal force.

Syntonics designs, develops, and manufactures specialty military RF communications equipment and accessories, notably RF-over-fiber products and innovative antennas. For more information on Syntonics and its products, please see the company's website at