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Lockheed Martin recognizes Syntonics LLC with Electronic Systems’ STAR Supplier Award for Exceptional Quality Performance on Persistent Surveillance Aerostat ProgramdottedCOLUMBIA, MD. March 11, 2011 . . . Syntonics LLC, based in Columbia, Md., a leading supplier of RF-over-fiber products, was awarded the coveted Electronics System STAR Award from Lockheed Martin for its ability to meet the quality and delivery requirements during 2010 on an U.S. Army persistent surveillance aerostat program. This award, citing “Exceptional Quality Performance,” demonstrates that a small company can make a difference to the war effort in Afghanistan. The aerostat program has increasingly been cited “an excellent example of how the aerostat can be useful” (U.S. Army source). Created in 1999, the Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier program recognizes its top performing suppliers.

In presenting the award, Carole E. Hinchcliffe, Sourcing Manager, Integrated Defense Technologies, Lockheed Martin said, “Identifying Syntonics as a STAR Supplier exemplifies Lockheed’s corporate value, ‘Perform With Excellence.’”. While accepting the award during a ceremony in Columbia, MD, Syntonics President Bruce Montgomery said, “Fielding the new HARC communications relay capability for the warfighter is important work and the Syntonics Team is proud to have had this opportunity to support Lockheed Martin and its Army customer.”

Syntonics’ product quality and on-time performance while making multiple deliveries of their FORAX-HARC (High Antennas for Radio Communications) product were the basis for this award. HARC, the latest version of the proven FORAX RF-over-fiber product, enables any tethered aerostat to be used as a very high antenna tower, increasing line of site and coverage of radio communications.

The FORAX product line, deployed since 2004 by U.S. DoD, FBI and FEMA as well as some foreign militaries, moves antennas away from command posts; eliminates the electronic and visual signature of nearby antennas; increases the security of people and equipment in the CP and enables radios and crypto equipment to be operated from inside SCIFs. Syntonics is currently working on FORAX Modules for WNW/SRW and ANW2 to add to its already-fielded HF, GPS, EPLRS, SINCGARS, VHF/UHF, 3GPP, and UHF TACSAT modules. To date, Syntonics’ FORAX equipment is fielded in over 45 installations in the US and abroad.

Syntonics is a defense electronics company that produces FORAX RF-over-fiber communication systems for military radios and innovative antennas for military applications. For more information on Syntonics and its products, please see the company's website at

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