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Syntonics’ UHF SATCOM Handheld Tactical Antennas Enter Production

COLUMBIA, MD. February 28, 2007 . . . Syntonics LLC, based in Columbia, Md., is now taking orders for its newest handheld tactical antenna. Developed for and purchased by a DoD sponsor, this model is used for UHF tactical satellite communications (“TACSAT”). It is lower weight, more rugged, and less visible that legacy TACSAT antennas.

antennaThe HTA-TACSAT antenna folds and stuffs into a small nylon sack that can be carried in a knee pouch or rucksack. The antenna has no loose parts. A single, short sliding motion deploys the wire antenna elements, which spring into position. The dark wires are essentially invisible at a short distance. The slender antenna shaft and fittings are fiber-reinforced polymers and high-impact engineering plastics. These lightweight parts are extremely rugged and the sliding motion during deployment or packing is not degraded by sand or grit. The pistol grip antenna handle has a threaded insert so the antenna can be used handheld, or with the factory-supplied prehensile tripod, or with any user-supplied tripod, or with the factory-supplied magnetic mount.

The HTA-TACSAT is available direct from the factory and several distribution channels are being arranged. Quantity discounts begin with 25 units.

Syntonics is a defense electronics company that produces the FORAX RF-over-fiber communication systems for military radios and develops innovative antennas for specialty military applications. For more information on Syntonics and its products, please see the company's website at