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First Shipment of FORAX Antenna Remoting Equipment to Australiadotted
COLUMBIA, MD. February 17, 2017... Syntonics LLC, a leading provider of RF-over-Fiber systems for radio communications, is pleased to announce that it recently shipped two FORAX™ systems to our Australian reseller, Eylex Pty Ltd. The systems are being delivered to a military customer. Orders for three more systems are expected later this year.

Syntonics’ FORAX™ (“Fiber Optic Remote Antenna eXtension”) communications equipment provides RF-over-Fiber connectivity between radio equipment and distant antennas. These Australian systems are configured to support multiple military HF (High Frequency) radios.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) routinely patrols an extraordinarily large area of land and sea, approximately 9 percent of the Earth’s surface. HF radios are capable of long distance, over-the-horizon communications, which are needed to execute the ADF’s search-and-rescue and military missions.

Eylex provides expertise to organizations in Australia and New Zealand that rely heavily on the performance and reliability of communications in demanding environments and roles. Eylex supplies world-class communications products sourced from successful manufacturers who are well known in their areas of expertise.

Syntonics provides advanced RF-over-Fiber systems and innovative RF technologies for military, civil, and industrial markets. Syntonics’ FORAX systems are available for most tactical communications waveforms used by the U.S. and allied militaries, and public safety agencies. They are deployed around the world in 24x7 mission critical operations with military, civilian, and industrial applications.