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What applications do YOU have?
Lightweight. Simple. Host of uses. Visitors to our booth at MILCOM 2014 were full of ideas for using our latest RF-over-Fiber products.

Drawing a lot of interest was a "mini-HARC" version of FORAX-LS. High Antennas for Radio Communications (HARC) is our RF-over-Fiber system for tethered aerostats. Widely deployed by the U.S. Army, we showcased an ultra-light, battery-powered, one-radio version of HARC, intended for very small aerostats and balloons. Fully integrating the antenna, the battery, and RF-over-Fiber, now even the smallest balloons can fly a communications relay antenna. The mini-HARC model is at left; Steve Gemeny is at right.

Wrapping up a SBIR Phase I
GPS Block III artist's rendering courtesy of Lockheed Martin

Advanced Space Antenna for GPS
We just hosted the Air Force Research Laboratory (Kirtland AFB) for a Mid-Term Review of a really interesting feasibility demonstration project.

Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS), also called meta-surfaces, have the property of passing certain radio frequencies and blocking others. Dr. Eugene Lee and our colleagues at The ElectroScience Laboratory of The Ohio State University have been studying the feasibility of using FSS techniques to create a new antenna for the GPS space vehicle that can create both broad and spot beams. Using FSS techniques should make it easier to integrate this new antenna onto the spacecraft without interfering with other antennas. Also, FSS antennas should be less susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

The tri-band FSS antenna is big, about 12-ft high, as you can see with our six-foot Gary Bruce, who managed the original SPAWAR effort
Multiband Metasurface Antenna Technology
We recently kicked off a new SBIR Phase II contract managed by Dr. Eugene Lee for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory: AF131-06, Multiband Metasurface for Reduced Antenna Footprint and Jamming Mitigation. Using frequency-selective meta-surfaces, we can create antennas that operate in a narrow frequency band while being "transparent" at other radio frequencies.

Earlier, we developed a tri-band antenna for SPAWAR using these principles. Syntonics' patented frequency selective surface (FSS) antenna system packs more communications capability into less footprint for satcom-on-the-move, transportable, and shipboard satellite terminals. For the USAF kickoff meeting, we assembled the prototype antenna system in our high bay and our Air Force visitors enjoyed looking it over.

A great community use of excess inventory
At the end of 2013, Syntonics had completed a major production contract and found itself with a storage problem. The closed-cell foam tubes that we use to fabricate a particular VHF antenna have to be procured in a large minimum quantity. Storing all the excess foam tubes wasn't economic. Yet we didn't want to throw out the excess, surely it could be useful to someone?

Forward Carla Dal Colletto, our cracker-jack Buyer. Carla set about finding an adoptive home for the tubes and she hit a home run. First she contacted the nearby Montpelier Mansion in Laurel, MD (here). The staff took the tubes and fabricated them into a collection of over-size Lincoln Logs. Now when school children visit on field trips they can build their own log cabin, just like the pioneers (see below).

Not stopping there, Carla also got in touch with three nearby schools for special needs kids. Each of the schools have water exercise classes, which now feature "military grade" pool noodles.

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