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Radio Interface Unit (RIU)
FORAX-LS = Low cost, broad band, RF-over-Fiber link
Features and benefits will make this our most popular FORAX model to date!
Syntonics is  taking orders for its new FORAX-LS (line-of-sight) product. Shipments start this December.

FORAX-LS provides a long fiber optic connection between almost any communications radio and its antenna. FORAX-LS supports all current VHF, UHF, and L-Band waveforms from 30 to 2500 MHz, including UHF DAMA MILSATCOM. FORAX-LS's fiber optic connection affords tremendous flexibility in antenna location plus electrical isolation for the user's radios. The antenna can be located up to 10 km away while the radio remains conveniently nearby, enhancing the physical security of both the radio and its user.
A FORAX-LS system consists of a Radio Interface Unit (RIU) connected by a single User-supplied optical fiber to a distant Antenna Interface Unit (AIU). Each AIU link provides 2W transmit power across the full 30-2500 MHz band to drive a user-supplied RF power amplifier, if necessary. FORAX-LS operates with both 24 Vdc, for convenience in the field, and "universal" AC power.
FORAX-DAS for Bartlett Nuclear, Inc.
Up to 12 RF dead zones can be covered by as many as 12 radios. This three-zone system just shipped to a Bartlett customer, optimized for Bosch/RTS UHF wireless intercom equipment.
Distributed Antenna System provides RF coverage during maintenance activities
Bartlett Nuclear is a leading provider of technical and professional radiological services to the nation's nuclear power industry. They also re-sell our FORAX-DAS equipment.

FORAX-DAS ("distributed antenna system") connects multiple radios, repeaters or base stations to distant distributed antennas over fiber optic cables. FORAX-DAS offers a broad frequency coverage alternative to conventional systems using bi-directional amplifiers and functions as a long, loss-free link between base stations and their antennas. System limitations and installation difficulties associated with coaxial cable are overcome by the simplicity and high performance of RF-over-fiber connections in buildings, tunnels, underground structures, etc. 

Border Security and FORAX-HARC 
Leading Edge Today features our most recent advertisement!
Syntonics' FORAX-HARC aerostat radio relay products are prominently featured in the August issue of Leading Edge Today. Aerostat-mounted antennas are perfect for wide-area border communications. They extend the range of radios, overcome line-of-sight obstacles, and cover the "last tactical mile" to deployed, dismounted agents.
FORAX-SC2_systemEnd-of-Life Notice
FORAX-SC2 model being retired
Shipping since 2005, the popular FORAX-SC2 tactical RF-over-Fiber product is being replaced by the new broadband (30-2500 MHz) FORAX-LS product. Syntonics will accept last-time orders for the FORAX-SC2 model until December 31, 2013.

USSOCOM SBIR Program's recent News Release reads (with our highlighting):
Tibbetts Awardees include USSOCOM funded firms

The Tibbetts' Award is a prestigious award given to small businesses for their efforts related to the SBIR program. Named after Roland Tibbetts, the father of the SBIR program, the Award honors individuals, organizations, firms and projects that make a visible technological impact on the socio-economic front and exemplify the best in SBIR achievements.

This year, 18 companies and 3 individuals were recognized for the role they have played. The 12 Federal SBIR agencies and the 13 DoD SBIR components take great pride in having been the sponsors of Tibbett's Award winners. For 2013, SOCOM is cited as the sole sponsor for GS Engineering and as one of three DoD sponsors for Syntonics LLC. In addition, three companies were selected to the Hall of Fame, which was begun in 2011.

Presentation of the awards was made at the White House on May 20, 2013, by SBA Administrator Karen Mills, Senator Mary Landrieu (LA), Chair of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, and Rebecca Bagley, CEO and President of NorTech.

Additional information on award winners can be found at:


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