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Major Orders from Important Customers
HARC & New Tactical Product
We were pleased to receive another major order for our FORAX-HARC (High Antennas for Radio Communications) product last summer. The first two HARC-4S2U systems are shipping this year and the balance of the order will be delivered during 2016.

We were also pleased to receive an initial order for our tactical product, FORAX-4VHF. Intended for field use by combat brigades, or as part of a national radio communications infrastructure, FORAX-4VHF connects four radios operating in the 30-88 MHz band to antennas as distant as 25-km. FORAX-4VHF is ideal for expeditionary units because it removes the antennas far from the radios, enhancing both a command post's survivability and covertness.

FORAX-LS Works Perfectly with SCI's TOCNET
Interoperability Testing went Flawlessly!
In August, Steve Gemeny traveled to Huntsville, AL to demonstrate that FORAX-LS works well with a tactical intercom. It did! And Steve enjoyed the hospitality of Jamie Hill and the other guys at SCI.

SCI’s Tactical Operations Center Intercommunications System (TOCNET®) is an off-the-shelf digital intercommunications system (integrated hardware and software) for military applications that is currently fielded on more than 11,000 systems. As a full digital system, TOCNET allows for bridging, cross-banding, and conferencing of various disparate assets such as radios — with their antennas removed to great distances for FORAX — phone lines, VoIP and network IP.
Can two old guys attract a crowd?
Maybe not. But our FORAX product line sure can! Syntonics just exhibited both at AUSA in Washington, DC and MILCOM in Tampa, FL.

In both cases, Bruce Montgomery was on hand to answer questions; Steve Gemeny added his handsome beard to the booth at MILCOM. At AUSA, we were hosted by RT LTA, israel's premier supplier of tactical aerostats and a perfect partner for our HARC-Mini product. Thank you, Taly and Rami!

At both shows, we focused on our latest offerings for expeditionary warfare, FORAX-LS and HARC-Mini. Both products keep the radio conveniently and safely with the operator, while removing the antenna — an aiming stake for anyone with eyes or DF equipment — far away. Both products are being offered at attractive price points, making it easy for small units to justify buying and using these game-changing RF-over-Fiber products.
Warmest thoughts to our reseller in France, PRO-S.I.C. We are all in this together.
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Steve Gemeny
Director, Business Development
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