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FORAX-LS Introduced at SOFIC 
This great SpecOps product was at a great SpecOps show

SOFIC 2014 (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) last month in Tampa FL, had the perfect theme for FORAX-LS: "Strengthening the Global SOF Network."

One of our U.S. resellers, Tactical Support Equipment (TSE) of Fayetteville NC, handles a broad range of radio communications equipment and featured FORAX-LS. They reported good interest and requests for demonstrations.

eiffel_tower_spring.jpgFORAX-LS Exhibited at EUROSATORY
Quel succès!
FORAX-LS packed its bags and enjoyed a nice trip to France earlier this month.

One of Syntonics' European partners, AG Systems, exhibited FORAX-LS at Eurosatory 2014, the "Land and Air-land Defence and Security Exhibition," held in Paris 16-20 June. Eurosatory is a premiere global trade show and, building their earlier success selling FORAX-LS, our partner reports strong interest by their French military customers. Ça, c'est bon!

PEZT Co. of Italy  
We are pleased to announce a new reseller in Europe, PEZT Co. of Italy. Synthesizing experience and technology for more than 60 years, PEZT specializes in research, development, selection, and supply of equipment and tactical technology, weapons, munitions, and training for their military and public safety customers.

A complete list of our domestic and international partners appears here

Frequency selective surfaces interest the Air Force
Syntonics has always been active in DoD's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and two Air Force antenna technology projects deserve notice.

Frequency selective surfaces (FSS), also called meta-surfaces, have the property of passing certain radio frequencies and blocking others. As you know, this also happens at optical frequencies: ultraviolet sunlight can pass through plain window glass into a room, but
Syntonics developed this prototype tri-band (L, S, X) FSS antenna, sponsored by SPAWAR
the re-radiated infrared light in the  room can't get back out through the glass. Hence the "greenhouse effect."

Using FSS technology, we create antennas that operate in a narrow frequency band, while being transparent at other radio frequencies. An example of our work is shown in the picture; that largest octagonal antenna that is facing you is about seven feet across! This earlier work has now led to two SBIR projects for the Air Force:
  • AF131-06, Multiband Metasurface for Reduced Antenna Footprint and Jamming Mitigation - To create an antenna structure that can be more easily integrated onto a spacecraft because it is "invisible" to other antennas.

  • AF141-24, Advanced Space Antenna for GPS - To focus stronger GPS signals on an area of the Earth.

Both projects are designing antennas for potential use on future spacecraft.

FORAX-DAS  Certified to Part 74
FCC authorization process completed
Distributed Antenna Systems provide two-way radio communications into difficult-to-reach spaces. Buildings, basements, tunnels, and industrial facilities are all places where it can be impossible to achieve good radio communications without a local antenna, connected back via optical fiber to a distant base station or a distant "donor" antenna.

Because FORAX-DAS is used in civilian applications, FCC certification was necessary. We are pleased to report that the equipment sailed through testing on its first try and FORAX-DAS is now authorized under FCC Part 74. As the FORAX-DAS product line evolves in the future, adding capabilities and configurations, that new equipment will also require FCC testing. So it was nice to have a positive first experience.

We have invented antennas that are uniquely damage resistant
U.S. Patent 8,711,048 has been issued to three of our engineers. This patent protects key aspects of Syntonics' line of handheld tactical antennas, which are widely used worldwide by U.S. and allied military forces.

Light and rugged, both the HTA-TACSAT-02 and HTA-TACSAT-03 models incorporate this technology. Ask Steve Gemeny about this; he is one of the inventors.

Questions? Contact:

Steve Gemeny
Director, Business Development
+1 410.884.0500 x205
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