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Comms antennas are now safely and conveniently far away
The U.S. Marine Corps' Marine Air Support Squadron in Afghanistan has received a FORAX-RM system. The large new system is packaged in environmental enclosures, suitable for outdoors deployment. The FORAX system enables the Marines to locate the antennas far away and keeps the radios conveniently near the ops center for crypto loads, frequency changes, and maintenance.
Part of the USMC system in burn-in

Operating a EPLRS-only HARC system? Upgrade to handle ANW2!
If you are operating a HARC-4S2E system with the original EPLRS-only links (420-450 MHz) you can now upgrade you system with the new all-UHF link. Unplug the old EPLRS modules (keep them as spares!) and install the new plug-compatible UHF modules. The new UHF link operates 225-450 MHz and handles most waveforms including ANW2, SRW, the new EPLRS Enhanced Services (RT-1915), and push-to-talk UHF voice.

Extend your warranty to enhance availability and avoid O&M surprises
FORAX products are highly reliable and field failures are rare. But they do happen. And extending the warranty ensures your equipment is sustained with no spikes in O&M costs. Even if your equipment has fallen out of warranty, we have a "re-certification" process that can get it back under warranty coverage.

Ask Jeff Nickel for a warranty quote! You can also talk to Jeff about adding selected spare modules to your on-site inventory, so that you are never waiting for a repaired module to come back from the factory.

FORAX-SC2 model being retired after eight years of faithful service
The popular FORAX-SC2 tactical RF-over-Fiber product is being replaced this Fall by the new broadband (30-512 MHz) FORAX-LS2 product. Syntonics will accept orders for the FORAX-SC2 model until the end of September, 2013. The retiring FORAX-SC2 system costs as little as $19,950 in quantity, so stock up now! The more-capable broadband system will be offered at a somewhat higher price.

HARC-4S2U and HARC-2S1U complete testing at Yuma Proving Grounds
In May the U.S. Army and Syntonics completed all field tests of the new HARC-4S2U and HARC-2S1U systems. On the last day at YPG we heard, "HARC gets the gold star!," which made a nice finishing note for the test activities at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Fort Dix and YPG.

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