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Happy New Year!
2013 was great and we're looking forward to 2014
Everyone at Syntonics hopes you had a great 2013. We did, it was our best year ever, with the most FORAX RF-over-Fiber equipment ever delivered in a single year, two new products (FORAX-DAS and FORAX-LS), plus a new technology off to a strong start (read more about SPiDR below).

We hope that 2014 is healthy, peaceful, and prosperous for you and yours.

Light, Small, Rugged, Cost-effective RF-over-Fiber System
FORAX-LS operates across the 30-512 MHz band, delivering 2W into the user's amplifier at the antenna. It transports all known VHF and UHF waveforms in this band including SRW, ANW2, SINCGARS, ANDVT, commercial and military SATCOM including HPW, and P25 for public safety applications. With a total system weight less than 3 pounds (1.4 kg), each module smaller than 36 cu.in. (585 cc), and operating across the MIL-SPEC temperature range, FORAX-LS is our lightest, smallest, most cost-effective RF-over-Fiber system. Initial units are already delivered to customers and we have "demonstration" units, if you would like to see FORAX-LS in action.


Extended Warranties
Your FORAX equipment is part of a mission-critical comms system, no?
FORAX products are highly reliable and they come with a one-year limited hardware warranty. But why risk the availability of your mission-critical comms system, or spikes in your O&M costs? Buy the extended warranty when you buy your new FORAX equipment. Even if your equipment has fallen out of warranty, our re-certification process can get the system covered again.

Ask Steve Gemeny (x205) for a warranty quote. You can also get a quote from Steve to add selected spare modules to your on-site inventory, so that you are never waiting for a repaired module to come back from the factory.

Staring Projectile Detection Radar (SPiDR)
Weaving a Web of Detection
Our hottest R&D project is SPiDR. Initially sponsored for rotorcraft applications, a twp-year prototype development project is just starting. Syntonics' SPiDR uses stealthy, ultra wideband (UWB) radar to detect incoming and near-miss projectiles ranging from slow RPGs to fast rifle bullets. Using low probability of detection (LPD) signals at power levels comparable to the environmental RF noise floor means the radar can operate without a detectable electronic signature. Contact  Bruce Montgomery (x201) or Steve Gemeny (x205) if you'd like to learn more.

We finally took some pictures
We were so busy during 2013, building and shipping the six-radio HARC-4S2U and three-radio HARC-2S1U systems for aerostat comms relay, that we didn't pause to take good pictures until December. Here are a some of our favorites.

harc1 harc2 
HARC-4S2U Radio Interface Unit (RIU) with        HARC-2S1U RIU with UPS, storage drawer,
UPS, storage drawer, and welded aluminum        and welded aluminum transit case.
transit case (rated for 10-ft drop!!).


HARC-2S1U Antenna Interface Unit (AIU) showing all three antenna connectors and three optical fiber connectors: one fiber for the HARC system plus two more fibers for external customer payloads. The weather-proof covers for the optical connectors were removed to take this picture.

Steve Gemeny
Director, Business Development
Having joined Syntonics seven years ago, Steve is now our Director for Business Development. He is leading Syntonics' efforts to expand current product sales into new applications and markets, while maintaining our commitment to addressing evolving customer needs with innovative solutions. Steve has 30+ years of engineering, program management, and sales experience in satellite communications and RF technologies. To get in touch, email Steve or call him on x205.

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Director, Business Development
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