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SFDR up to 120 dB/Hz^2/3

We are pleased to report the successful development of a 3-18 GHz RF-over-Fiber link, FORAX-HiP ("high performance"). The link has exceptionally good SFDR, from 120 to 115 dB/Hz^2/3, as shown below. The Spur Free Dynamic Range is the difference between the strongest strong signal and the weakest weak signal that can be transported without creating non-linear noise "spurs".

If you have a SIGINT or communications application that requires an exceptionally high performing RF-over-Fiber link--perhaps because it needs to be very long, perhaps because it needs a very high SFDR--get in touch with Steve Gemeny. He'll tell you all about FORAX-HiP.

FORAX-LS comes in a carrying case with start-up supplies
MILCOM is 8 weeks away (!)
Baltimore Convention Center
6-8 October

This year's theme is Affordable Mission Success: Meeting the Challenge. And Syntonics is doing our part: we will be exhibiting our newest tactical RF-over-Fiber product, the lightweight, simple FORAX-LS.

Come see us in Booth 246. You should find Steve Gemeny and Bruce Montgomery answering everyone's questions. (If they aren't in the booth, please write to Sales@SyntonicsCorp.com and report their absence! <g>)
PRO-SIC of France  
Soyez le bienvenue

We are pleased to announce a new reseller in Europe, PRO-SIC. PRO-SIC resells Syntonics' handheld tactical antennas and our FORAX-LS tactical RF-over-Fiber product, to customers in the French government and industry.

PRO-SIC can be reached by email here. A complete list of our domestic and international partners appears here.
On Getting Older
Syntonics turns 15 this August

You are an important part of this story!

In 1999, we started thinking about customers for high-tech RF components. And if you're reading this item, you know that we eventually found them. You might be a customer yourself. Or you might be a partner, friend, colleague, or curious onlooker. In all events, Syntonics has grown beyond recognition from its earliest days and you are part of the picture.

Years ago, we decided we wanted to be the world's premier RF-over-Fiber systems company and a leading innovator in antennas and other RF products and technologies. At age 15, we feel that we're well underway on that voyage and we're proud of our accomplishments. In another 15 years, just imagine how far we will have progressed!

If we failed to mention it at the time, Happy Birthday to you, and may you enjoy many more in peace, health and prosperity. And Happy Birthday to us, too.

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Director, Business Development
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