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HARC-Mini makes Maxi Progress
2.75-lb without batteries! How's that for lightness?
Does your communications plan need extended range RIGHT NOW! for Search and rescue? Disaster recovery? Urgent tactical situation? Emergency response?

Even with a 100-ft transportable tower, once you trundle it to the comms site, your radio can only talk out a few miles. But what if you had a 300-ft tower? Or a 500-ft tower?

HARC-Mini now delivers immediate extended communication ranges out to 30 miles and more. Add a small tethered balloon, a bottle of helium, and a length of lightweight optical fiber, and you are now communicating far, far away, mere minutes after you arrive on site.

HARC-Mini has evolved since the  mockup we showed last Fall at the MILCOM show (see here). The electronics are now smaller and lighter at 2.75-lb. Snap on two batteries with up to 4 A-hr capacity each and you can operate aloft for hours. Or you can omit the batteries and operate with DC from your aerial platform.

Install one of our modular, lightweight antennas such as the low UHF (225-450 MHz, 1.25-lb) model shown here* and your aerial payload is complete. Launch the balloon with an optical fiber in the tether, or trailing alongside the tether (in the latter case, budget 7 grams per meter of optical cable lifted), and you are in business!

HARC-Mini is a great tool in the Emergency Communicator's toolbox. Steve Gemeny would be happy to talk about your requirements and quote this capability.

* We can supply modular, lightweight antennas for common bands from 30 MHz to 2 GHz.
England comes to Maryland 
The lads fly over for training at Syntonics
PPM Vialite of Swindon, UK is Syntonics' newest European reseller. Our FORAX RF-over-Fiber equipment for military and industrial radios is a market segment not addressed by Vialite's offerings, so a relationship made sense to both of us.

To kick off Vialite's new role, two key employees are coming to Syntonics in May for training. They will learn what problems are solved by FORAX for our military and industrial customers, how the equipment works, and how to configure the equipment. It is also possible they may learn something about the excellent local craft beer in Maryland.

Contact Steve Gemeny to learn more about Vialite's new role for Syntonics in the UK. Contact Bruce Montgomery to learn more about craft beer in Maryland.   

Export Earthquake!
The U.S. Government changes its export rules
Until the end of 2014, both our FORAX and handheld tactical antenna products were referenced by the U.S. Munitions List (USML) and, therefore, subject to the International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR).

But effective 30 December 2014, our products all come under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). This is now the situation: 
  • All FORAX projects are classified ECCN 3A611
  • All antenna products are classified ECCN EAR99.

These changes make exporting our products to international customers significantly less burdensome, a "plus" for both Syntonics and our resellers. 

FORAX-RM Price Increases
After about six years of holding the line, we had to move
FORAX is a sophisticated product, crafted in small quantities by American engineers and technicians; we are proud of its quality and reliability in the field. We like our customers too, they are also high quality and sophisticated.

But ... it has been about six years since we last reviewed the pricing for the FORAX-RM rack-mounted modules and chassis. While inflation has been  low during this period, our costs have managed to increase anyway. So the time has come to adjust our pricing. The average increase is about 14% and these prices are being applied to new proposals. Outstanding proposals that have passed their validity date will be updated with these new prices.

Questions? Contact:

Steve Gemeny
Director, Business Development
+1 410.884.0500 x205
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