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HARC-2S1U RIU (front iso view)
More HARC-4S2U and HARC-2S1U systems are heading to an ISR aerostat near you
The latest HARC aerostat range extension systems are equipped with broadband UHF links that can handle ANW2, SRW, EPLRS or voice across the 225-450 MHz band using any current tactical radio. VHF and SINCGARS radios, including retrans pairs, continue to be supported.

New FORAX-LS2 replaces popular FORAX-SC2
FORAX-SC2_systemTaking orders now!

A long-standing customer needed a multi-band version of the FORAX-SC2 product. We thought his idea made so much sense that we are developing the new FORAX-LS2 "Line-of-Sight, two radio" product. This system connects two radios to two power amplifiers and operates across the full 30-512 MHz frequency range, delivering 2W PEP to drive your PA.
PGSS UHF AntennaWhat the well-dressed aerostat is wearing
Syntonics offers several models of ultra lightweight, rugged antennas for aerostat radio applications. Each model delivers a uniform dipole pattern across its operating band. No large conductive ground plane or heavy matching network is required to achieve this performance, a major plus for lighter-than-air platforms. Antenna models are available for low VHF (30-88 MHz), UHF (225-450 MHz and 420-450 MHz) and L-band (1200-2000 MHz) applications. Other bands can also be supplied. Installation options include attaching to the aerostat's tail fins, hanging  below the aerostat, and wrapping around the aerostat's tether.
Expert support down-range

Syntonics FSRs are now working in theater to install and trouble-shoot HARC installations. They can be contacted by working through your PD C5ISR representative. Of course, factory support is always available at Service@SyntonicsCorp.com.
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