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Syntonics provides advanced RF-over-Fiber systems and innovative RF technologies for military, civil, and industrial markets

FORAX™ RF-over-Fiber Systems

forax-rm Syntonics’ FORAX™ (Fiber Optic Remote Antenna eXtension) radio communications equipment provides RF-over-Fiber connectivity between radio equipment and its antennas.

rmFORAX-RM (Rack Mount) systems connect radios to their antenna at distances up to 10 kilometers and 75+km by special order. dasFORAX-DAS (Distributed Antenna System) equipment connects base stations or repeaters to antennas in distant RF “dead zones.”

harcFORAX-HARC (High Antennas for Radio Comms) systems link radios to their antennas high overhead.

tacticalFORAX Tactical Solutions package our RF-over-Fiber equipment for use in rugged field environments.


Tactical Antennas

Syntonics’ handheld tactical antennas provide good gain, are rugged and compact (most are pocket-portable), can be silently deployed, and have a low visual profile.

Aerostat Antennas

Our aerostat antennas are optimized for lighter-than-air platforms. They are fielded today on the Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS) and the Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS) aerostats.

thinlineResearch & Development

decSyntonics’ RF technology and antenna development projects address a range of defense and industrial applications with strong commercial potential




pawsPaWS™ (Passive Wireless Sensing) technology for testing and equipment health monitoring in hostile and challenging environments. spidrSPiDR (Staring Projectile Detection Radar) for detecting incoming and near miss projectiles ranging from slow RPGs to fast rifle bullets.

parcaPARCA (Pixel-Addressable Reconfigurable Conformal Antenna) Software-Defined Antenna™ technology.

fssFSS (Frequency Selective Surface) antenna technology packs more communications capability into less footprint.

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