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Bruce G. Montgomery
thinlineBruce founded Syntonics and has performed and managed defense and space technology development projects for 35+ years. Bruce works with our existing and prospective customers to define and develop products that are optimized to their specific requirements.


Bruce Montgomery

Ed O'Malley
Vice President, Finance and Administration
thinline Ed co-founded Syntonics and has 25+ years of experience in finance, accounting, contracts and business management in both commercial and government environments. His experience includes all aspects of finance/accounting; contracts/procurement; human resource management; government property administration; export control; security; and corporate governance.


Gary Bruce
Senior Director, Operations
thinline Gary manages Syntonics’ product development and manufacturing activities. He has 25+ years of defense project management, software development, antenna development, and system test experience, much of it while managing defense electronic system development projects.

Doug Crowe
Chief Engineer
thinline Doug has 35+ years of RF product development experience including the FORAX RF-over-fiber communications system; satellite, terrestrial, and cable transceiver circuit design; satellite and terrestrial digital modem design (both analog and DSP implementations); and wireless systems (cell phones and others).

Steve Gemeny
Director, Business Development
thinline Steve leads Syntonics’ efforts to expand current product sales into new applications and markets, while maintaining Syntonics’ commitment to addressing evolving customer needs with innovative solutions. Steve has 30+ years of engineering, program management, and sales experience in satellite communications and RF technologies.




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