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Syntonics provides advanced RF-over-Fiber systems and innovative RF technologies for military, civil, and industrial markets.

» February, 2017
First Shipment of FORAX Antenna Remoting Equipment to Australia

» August, 2016
Syntonics Success Story at

» July, 2016
Tethered Unmanned Aircraft to Boost Radio Networks


» May, 2016
Syntonics Introduces Tethered Drone Radio Network Range Extension System

» April, 2016
Syntonics Ships 100th HARC Aerostat Radio Relay Systems

» November, 2015 Newsletter

» April, 2015 Newsletter

» February, 2015 Newsletter


» SOFIC 2017
May 15-18, 2017
Tampa, FL

» MILCOM 2017
October 23-25, 2017
Baltimore, MD

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